The API ERG is a group dedicated to help API employees reach their full potential by establishing a support system, educating others about the API heritage and culture, and raising awareness about issues API employees face. Established in 2020, Chien co-founded the group with Janie Pinterits, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager.

“We wanted to provide a safe space for people to share their concerns,” Chien said. “As well as highlight our different cultures and give guidance and opportunities within our community for leadership development and other professional resources.”

Despite the challenges of a mainly virtual setting, the API ERG has established an intimate community through virtual meet-ups and events, in addition to the creation of book clubs, Spotify playlists, and cookbooks to celebrate and share API culture. The group also launched a series of videos to highlight members’ immigration, heritage, and cultural stories.

“We got a lot of positive responses on the heritage videos,” Chien said. “We definitely hope to do more of those videos this year. We want to ensure all members’ cultures feel welcome and represented.”

To get involved, celebrate your API heritage, or learn more about API culture, become a member or ally  and stay tuned for more virtual meetings and events.