The GRC Awards have recognized distinguished colleagues in the geothermal community from around the world since the 1970s. Award recipients have made significant achievements in the geothermal academic, scientific, and commercial communities. On August 31, awardees will be recognized at the 2022 GRC in Reno during the Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Breakfast.

The Outstanding Research Award highlights individuals who have demonstrated “excellence in research and potential impact on the geothermal industry.” The award highlights his “many years of dedication to the geothermal industry by contributing an astounding amount of research findings to the geothermal community.” The GR Honors and Award Committee stated Dobson is “not only an accomplished researcher, but also a consumer of research performed by others, leading to a broad knowledge base on geothermal systems. The committee recognizes his contributions and impact to the geothermal field as exemplary and worth sharing at the Geothermal Rising Conference.”

Dobson has worked in EESA for 22 years. He has studied geothermal systems around the world, including systems in Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, Central and South America, and throughout the U.S., such as geothermal systems associated with Yellowstone, the Snake River Plain, The Geysers, the Cascades, the Basin and Range, and the Imperial Valley. His work throughout his academic career in industry and in EESA has significantly contributed to the field of geothermal study.

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