The DECOVALEX Symposium is co-hosted by ANDRABerkeley Lab, and the DECOVALEX Initiative. The event will feature keynote speakers and researchers that study thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in geological systems. Some subject areas that will be covered are coupled processes in clay rock, fundamental microscale processes, and emerging experimental and computational methods. The symposium will also provide information and insights from the current phase of the DECOVALEX Initiative, referred to as DECOVALEX-2023. Abstracts to present your work at the symposium are now being accepted through June 1.

The DECOVALEX Initiative is an international research initiative for advancing the understanding and modeling of coupled THMC phenomena relevant to subsurface engineering applications. DECOVALEX is an acronym for “Development of Coupled Models and their Validation against Experiments.” Since 1992, the project has made important progress and played a key role in the development of numerical modeling of coupled processes in fractured rocks and buffer/backfill materials.